Fifth release of zscorer. This is a GitHub-only development release. In this release:

New features

  • added 2000 CDC growth charts reference table

  • added 2000 CDC functions to determine weight-for-age, weight-for-height, weight-for-length, height-for-age, length-for-age, head circumference-for-age, and BMI-for-age

zscorer 0.3.1

Fourth release of zscorer. In this release:

  • fixed an issue with wrong URLs in README documentation.

  • fixed an issue when calculating BMI-for-age where measurements are 0 resulting in error rather than providing an NA value. Now, when values for measurements are 0, the zscore produced is NA.

  • updated MUAC for age to allow for calculation for children up to 19 years old based on article by Jay Berkeley and colleagues.

  • updated Shiny app and added a vignette showing how to use the Shiny app

  • updated documentation to reflect editions and additions

zscorer 0.3.0

Third release of zscorer. In this release:

  • fixed a bug when using zscorer functions addWGSR() and getWGSR() inside another package in which wgsrData referred to by both functions and which is included as an external dataset is not lazy loaded. wgsrData is now added as an internal dataset

  • fixed some documentation formatting.

  • removed old hex sticker and added new hex sticker

zscorer 0.2.0

Second release of zscorer. In this release:

  • created overall function to calculate all anthropometric indices included in the WHO Growth Standards;

  • updated README to illustrate use of main overall function for calculating anthropometric indices;

  • added vignettes to describe calculation of anthropometric indices

  • update Shiny application

zscorer 0.1.0

Initial release of zscorer