Function to calculate technical error of measurement (TEM) based on formula created by Ulijaszek and Kerr (1999) as an indicator of measurement precision as described by Mueller and Mortorell (1998). This function is specific for intra-observer TEM for two measurements, and for inter-observer TEM involving two measurers.

calculate_tem(d, n)



Numeric vector of difference between two measurements made by same measurer or between two measurers.


Numeric value of number of individuals measured.


A numeric value of the technical error of measurement (TEM). Unit of TEM is the same as the unit of the measurements compared.


# Apply calculate_tem to smartStd dataset to get TEM for weight for supervisor difference <- smartStd$weight1[smartStd$observer == 0] - smartStd$weight2[smartStd$observer == 0] tem <- calculate_tem(d = difference, n = length(difference)) tem
#> [1] 0.08062258
# Apply calculate_tem